What is Hypnotherapy Used For.

What is Hypnotherapy Used For? 

Hypnotherapy is used for overcoming and changing subconscious patterns that you no longer wish to have. Our subconscious mind is responsible for around 95% of all our automatic behavSpecialising in addictive behaviours and habits, I support clients to release old patterns of dependency, emotional blocks and empower their own subconscious minds to choose healthy habits. With the right support, everyone has the capacity to live free of unhealthy and addictive behaviours that hold them back. 

The following are my specialist areas. 


Weight Transformation

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than dieting. For sustainable weight transformation, there must be connection and alignment between the body and mind. Hypnotherapy is an acclaimed therapy for uncovering the hidden reasons many people become overweight and helps address the mind/body connection. More...


Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common addictive behaviours people seek hypnotherapy for. Its success in obtaining rapid and long-standing results comes from addressing both the habit and desire to smoke. More...


Our habits around our health are driven by our subconscious programming. Think about those habits or addictions you don't want to have, there will have been times you tried to break those habits, but at some stage, you just felt you had no control over them. That's because your conscious mind - that part of you that thinks about doing something isn't the part controlling your habit. The state of hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind whether we can release those old patterns.



Most people will experience some form of anxiety whether as a response to a stressful situation or future event. However, those with an Anxiety Disorder may find their symptoms debilitating making it extremely difficult to cope with daily life. While depression is a separate disorder the two share similar symptoms and many clients present with both depression and anxiety. A combination of hypnoanalysis and clinical hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapy to overcome anxiety and depression. More ...


Confidence & Self Esteem

A lack of confidence and self-esteem can impact all areas of our lives. Often the issues people come to see me with stem orginally  from a lack of self-esteem. Hypnotherapy and other therapy techniques can support the building of confidence and help people truely value who they are. More...