Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Are you struggling to stick to healthy ways of eating?

Do you lack consistency and motivation around exercise?

Have you tried multiple ways to lose weight in the past but you are not seeing the results?


Or you just can't find a sustainable way to keep the weight off?

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to consider that you do not have a conscious problem with food, but you have a subconscious thought pattern or belief that is sabotaging you.


Hypnotherapy can help you finally overcome your battle with weight loss and help you change the real reason you struggle with healthy eating and releasing the weight. 

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

A little progress each day adds up to big results 

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than dieting. For sustainable weight loss, there must be a connection and alignment between the body and mind.

Hypnotherapy is an acclaimed therapy for uncovering the hidden reasons people become overweight and helps address the mind-body connection. Many overweight people know how to eat healthily and how to exercise; however, there is often a psychological reason they continue to adopt patterns that stop them from losing weight.


Our subconscious minds are powerful, if it believes it is protecting you through comfort eating then you will remain overweight or continue to yo-yo diet. Addressing these behaviours with the subconscious mind will set you on the path to finally reaching the mind-body connection that can help you successfully lose weight and keep it off. 

How can Hypnotherapy help with Weight Loss? 

Hypnotherapy can help you with your weight loss on several levels; firstly we will establish your patterns around food, then using hypnoanalysis we can uncover any reasons your subconscious may be working against your desire to lose weight. Finally, we can install new behaviours and patterns around food and exercise to make your weight loss successful and long-lasting. 

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose you may want to consider the virtual hypnotic band treatment. This treatment is only suitable for people that fall into the obese weight category. If hypnotic band therapy is right for you,  it can be included as part of your overall weight management plan.

Why work with me?

As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and Advanced Weight Control Therapist, I work with clients to help them reach a positive and healthy relationship with food.

Specialising in addictive behaviours and emotional eating, I am passionate about supporting people to release their old patterns of dependency, emotional blocks, and empower their own subconscious minds to choose healthy habits.

Sarah Hayes Clinical Hypnotherapist

Who I work with

My clients have found success in many areas of their life, but still struggle to change their relationship with food. 


Typically, self-starters, and have usually tried to solve their issues with mixed results. They’ve reached their limit, are ready to accept help and finally achieve their desired outcome.

If this sounds like you, then you are likely ready to experience the power of hypnosis and your own subconscious mind to achieve your weight transformation. 

How we work together

It starts with me getting to know you, what you desire, what holds you back. I then build your programme around your individual needs to get you the best results. I want you to succeed, this means I will use all my skills and experience to support you to make the change. Our time together will be most successful when you are fully ready to being part of the work to make the change. 


What is required of you is to; show up, be intrigued and open to the possibility that the change you are looking for can be easier than you think. 

Expected results

The results you are likely to see on the scale typically depends on your starting point. Many of my clients are at least 2 - 5 stone over their ideal healthy weight, the average being 3 stone. The more weight you have to lose the quicker the initial weight loss usually is, with a healthy weight reduction of 2-3lbs per week.


We will work together over a period of 2 months (5 sessions), however your weight transformation will continue until you have reached your desired healthy weight. I follow up with all my clients to ensure they have achieved a long term sustainable change.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Success Stories 

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

I just wanted to thank you for supporting me through this change. I had tried everything and admit I was sceptical if this would work for me. 

After our third session it clicked that I had been holding on to some old beliefs and once you helped me to let them go I finally started to see results. 

Apart from the weight loss I feel so much calmer day-to-day and less stressed about work situations I can't control.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy and wish I had done this years ago.  

Harry, UK

Post sessions progress:


I've released a further stone since our last session and I'm now just a few pounds from my ideal weight. There have been times when I thought I might not continue to see the changes but I remembered to listen to my recording and that gave me the boost I needed. 

I feel some much more energised and I'm excited for reaching my vision which I know is getting closer and closer. 

Thank you for your kind support throughout. 

Paula, UK

I had never had hypnotherapy before and despite being a bit anxious about it I found the sessions really relaxing. 

Initially I only noticed small changes to how I was feeling. I didn't feel as hungry and the sugar cravings reduced. 

It wasn't until I met some friends that noticed the change in me that I really realised I had become less obsessive around food.


My weight reduced throughout the time I was working with Sarah and by the end I was feeling much healthier. I still use some of the relaxation and vision techniques she taught me. 

I honestly think I would still be putting on weight and feeling miserable if I hadn't done hypnotherapy. It's been amazing to lean about the power of my own mind. 

Julie, UK

What does the hypnotherapy weight loss programme include?

5 x 60min personalised  hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom
Weight Transformation Workbook
Personalised  MP3 Recording 
A post programme check-in session  (1 month after your last session)

Price of the Individual Weight Transformation Programme


Not ready for the individual programme - see the group hypnosis weight loss programme 

Ready to get started on your personalised hypnotherapy weight loss programme