Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Group

  • Imagine feeling in complete control of your eating, in a natural non-obsessive way

  • Naturally desiring and choosing healthier foods

  • No longer craving unhealthy foods

  • Feeling more aware of your body's incredible ability to self-regulate

  • Feeling more confident in yourself and in your ability to release excess weight

The Hypnotherapy Group Weight Loss Programme Cheshire

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Group Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme

I'm excited to bring my successful individual weight transformation programme to this new group setting. The group programme brings you a powerful transformation experience in a safe and supportive small group setting. 

Who is the hypnotherapy weight loss group for?

If you are struggling to lose weight and have tried numerous diet plans but find it difficult to stick to them or see the results you expect.

At times you feel determined to lose weight but then you find it difficult and start to feel it's just not worth the amount of effort. 


You lack consistency and motivation around exercise or maybe due to your weight your mobility is restricted so you find it hard to exercise. 

​Perhaps you have lost weight in the past but just can't find a sustainable way to keep the weight off?

You are around 3 or more stones over your ideal healthy weight 

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Sarah Hayes, Clinical Hypnotherapist

If this sounds familiar you are not alone, I work with clients from all over the UK that have struggled with their weight for years. I'm now offering my advanced hypnotherapy weight transformation programme to a small group in the tranquil setting of the Cheshire Wellness Centre.  If you have thought about hypnotherapy and like the idea being part of a group, then this safe, supportive group hypnotherapy weight transformation programme is for you. 

Why does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

For many people, weight loss can be hard. It's so easy to get discouraged and give up when your body doesn't respond the way you want it to. It can often lead us to the "I'll start again on Monday" and "this latest celebrity diet plan will be the one that works for me" or "I just need to find the supplements that will boost my metabolism".  Perhaps you think the only thing that will work for you now is surgery or a gastric band.

We spend our time, effort and resources, sometimes even years looking for that external thing that will be our fix. 


But here's what I have learned not only through my own experience, but through working with clients 1:1 on their weight loss journeys - it's never about the food.

You already know what a healthy diet looks like, you know you should probably snack less and eat smaller portions. You really don't need someone else telling you that. The problem is you just don't feel you have that control over your eating habits. There's something internal pushing you to continue to overeat and to choose those comfort foods. That internal something is your subconscious mind - that part of your mind that learned, likely at a young age, that food could satisfy an emotional hunger that nothing else seemed to fix. If that rings true for you, then no amount of new diet plans is going to help. You need to release those subconscious patterns and your beliefs around food. 

Hypnotherapy works to support you with weight loss by helping you change those subconscious patterns, release your limiting beliefs and safely let go of those emotions keeping you trapped in self-sabotaging behaviours with food. 

As your subconscious patterns change your relationship with food and eating in a healthy way becomes effortless. Yes, you really can enjoy food and release access weight.

How does hypnotherapy in a group setting work?

Firstly, it's imporatant to understand hypnosis is a natural state and you move in and out of that state on a daily basis, for example when you daydream, even watching a film is a state of trance. When you are in the small group setting, you will sit comfortably on a chair and I will guide you safely into a relaxed state. As we progress, your state of hypnosis will deepen to the appropriate level for you to allow your subconscious to accept the health lifestyle changes you want to make. 


The group sessions will be kept small (maximum of 6 people) so that you get the right level of attention and feel comfortable throughout the process.

What does the hypnosis group programme include?

5 x 60min in-person hypnotherapy sessions on a weekly basis at the Cheshire Wellness Centre

A Weight Transformation Workbook to support your mindset changes.

Access to a Private Facebook Group only for those in the group programmes. Where you can support each other and I share hints and tips along the way.

A bonus Deeper Sleep hypnosis recording for this programme launch. 

What results can you expect with hypnotherapy for weight loss?

This is not a quick weight loss or drop 10lbs in a week programme. Let's face it you've probably done them before and then slipped back to old patterns. This is a change in mindset, a change in subconscious patterns, a change in your limiting beliefs. All the aspects that have held you back from sustainable weight loss. 

As you start to change those aspects of yourself, your eating patterns will change and typically clients release excess weight at an average of 2lbs per week. Your results will vary. It's unlikely your weight loss will be linear - some weeks you will lose more than others. In fact, some of my one-one clients chose not to weigh themselves and focus instead on how they feel and look. 

Group Hypnotherapy Weight Loss
In-person Session Dates

The next group in-person sessions will start in March. To be placed on the waiting list please complete this form

Location: Cheshire Wellness Centre, Lymm Marina, Warrington Lane, WA13 0SW

(Note: there is free parking available at the centre)

Price of the Group Programme

The group hypnotherapy weight loss programme is just £175 - that's a saving of £300 compared to working with me individually. That means you are paying just £35 per session. 

Payment is made in full online once your place is confirmed. 

Here's what to do next 

Ready to make 2022 the year you break through your mindset blocks and reach your healthy weight goals? Complete the short form below so that I can ensure you are suitable for the programme. You can ask any questions not answered here, on the form. I will then contact you to confirm your place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make a session?


It is best if you can commit to attending all the sessions for the best results. If there are unforeseen circumstances that mean you can't attend I will provide you with a recording of the content you missed. 


Do I get a diet plan?


No, this is not a diet. The weight loss hypnotherapy programme retrains your mind so that you start to eat healthier food and your behaviours around food become more intuitive so that you stop overeating. If you want information on healthy balanced ways of eating,  links to helpful resources will be shared.

Will I lose all my excess weight during the programme?

The group programme is 5 weeks long, so it's extremely unlikely that you will lose 3 stone or more in that time. The aim is for a healthy steady release of the excess weight, which is around 2lb per week. Remember we are working on your mindset and subconscious patterns, so you will continue to release the excess weight after the programme. This is about long-term sustainable change to your eating behaviours. 

Will I have to share personal information with the group?

There is no requirement to share personal information or your weight challenges openly with the group. There is no weigh-in and only you need to know your progress. If I ask questions to the group you can choose to contribute as much or a little information as you feel comfortable with. I will check in with you privately at certain times during the programme to get feedback on your progress.