Services below are for online sessions only. I do conduct a limited number of face to face sessions in Rodney Street Liverpool. For price and availability for these please contact me for details. 

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During your intial session we will discuss what you want to achieve, and explore your history and experiences with this area of your life. I will then guide you into a pleasant state of hypnosis and begin your therapy session. At the end of the session I will advise on any follow up actions you may need or if any further sessions are recommended. 

Online Session £95

Duration 1.5 hrs

Initial Online Hypnotherapy Session

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Following your initial hypnotherapy session, any follow up sessions are 1 hr. The work we will have completed in the first session will enable you to enter into hypnosis with ease and we can commence the continued therapy. The sessions are tailored to your progress to ensure we are working on the most impactful areas to get results from your therapy. 

Online Session £75

Duration 1 hr

Subsequent Sessions

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Booking a group of sessions can be a cost effect. However not everyone will need multiple sessions for example phobias may only require 1 session. Package sessions are most suitable for issues such as anxiety/depression and substance missue which often require more deep therapy work.

Online Sessions £220

Session 1 x 1.5hrs

Session 2 & 3  x 1hr each

3 Session Package

Weight transformation through Hypnothera

Our weight loss package is designed for those that have the desire to lose weight and become healthier. If you have tried multiple diets and exercise fads in the past but found yourself putting the weight back on, then maybe you need to address the route cause. You can learn about this package here  

Online Sessions £315


1 x 1.5hr session

3 x 1hr sessions

Weight Loss Package

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The Smoking Cessation session is designed so that results are achieved within a 2hr session. This is a powerful session including a range of techniques to help you become a non-smoker. You can learn about this package here  

Online Sessions £225

Duration: 2 hrs

Smoking Cessation Session

Let me help you transform your life

Lumiere Hypnotherapy

Disclaimer - please note results can vary from person to person

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