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5 Top Tips To Get Focussed

Updated: May 17

I personally love Spring, early morning bird song, a hint of sunshine and an inner feeling that I'm finally coming out of winter hibernation. April is also my birthday month, so I love to take some time to think about what I want to achieve before my next birthday.

This is a great time of year to refocus on what you might like to change or achieve in your life. Many of my clients say they feel re-energised in Spring and the thought of Summer being around the corner is often the little incentive they need to get working on their goals.

If you feel like you are ready for a change and want to use the refreshing energy of Spring to spur you into action, here are my 5 tops tips to getting focused and stepping into change.

  1. Step Outside - it's time to get clear on what you want to achieve. Sometimes you need a new environment to trigger a new perspective. Take a walk outside, preferably with some nature around you, that may be a park, the countryside or simply a tree-lined street. Whatever you can manage. Being in nature changes your state and can help clear your mind of the constant internal chatter.

  2. Make a decision - sounds simple but it's often the hardest part. You may want to change or achieve a few things, this can feel overwhelming, so reality is we tend to stay stuck. The classic decision paralysis. The easiest way to overcome this... just chose one thing to focus on, whichever it is it likely won't matter. There mere fact you have decided will help move your forward.

  3. Get excited - let's face it change can be hard, daunting and uncomfortable... that's if you let it be. But what if you could feel excited, energised and downright giddy about what you are about to achieve? How you choose to think about the change you want to make can help or hinder your progress. If you focus on the feelings of change being hard then of course that's exactly how it will feel. So simply take 5 mins daily, close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine the moment you have reached your goal, see who is there celebrating with you, feel the sense of achievement, build that sense of excitement ... squeal if you want to... heck jump up and down if the feeling takes you. No excuses do this daily - we can all take 5 mins for ourselves it could be in the lift, waiting in a queue or making a cup of tea.

  4. Act now - when you're in the state of excitement, your energy raised and feeling positive, now is the time to take your first step towards change. Keep it simple, something you can do easily and relatively quickly. It could even be reaching out to get help and support from a professional or a network related to the change.

  5. Celebrate daily - think of your change as small daily achievements, each positive action you take deserves a little celebration. Be proud of yourself... be your own cheer-leader. Not comfortable at celebrating your own success? Well let's start today... close your eyes, breathe deeply and say in your mind "thank you for doing [fill in the blank] today, you are amazing".

If you're still wondering what change you want to make or need some help in getting into the right state of mind to start. You can download my free 'Release resistance and make change happen now' hypnosis recording.

Let me know in the comments below what change you are going to make this Spring.

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