Practical Tips to Manage Health Anxiety

It's no surprise there has been a rise in health anxiety and with mental health services stretched to the maximum then getting the help you may need to manage it can be challenging. So I'm sharing here how to know if you have it and 3 tips you can do to help you manage it on a daily basis.

Health anxiety presents itself in constant worrying about becoming ill. It's more than just a desire to stay healthy and avoid common viruses. It can be debilitating and severely interfere with people's lives. Like other forms of anxiety, it can manifest in physical symptoms such as shaking, panic attacks and a change in behaviours to avoid potential perceived threats to health. If you are experiencing health anxiety or someone close to you is then these 3 tips can help.

  1. Avoid information overload. If you have had your symptoms checked by your doctor and been told you are well then researching more information on those symptoms may not be beneficial. Avoid googling your symptoms and if you find the news and social media increases your health anxiety then give yourself a media break.

  2. Focus on your routine. Anxiety can peak when we have changed our daily routine or find we have periods of time when we feel overwhelmed by our physical symptoms and emotions. Take some time to note when you feel most anxious throughout the day - no judgement - simply observe. Then consider changing that part of your routine to do something that makes you feel good, for example, if it's an evening when you worry most, try calling a friend or watch an uplifting film.

  3. Take control back over your anxious thoughts. The easiest way to start to train your anxious mind is to give yourself the gift of daily guided meditation practice. Being in a meditative state calms your central nervous system, enables your brain waves to move to a calmer state and can strengthen positive neural pathways in the brain. Research has shown just 12 mins per day can have significant mental health benefits.

If you're struggling with health anxiety, it's important to get help. Always ensure you have informed your doctor of your anxieties so they can provide any available support.

If you would like to find out more information about how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your health anxiety you can read more information on Hypnotherapy For Health Anxiety or book in for a free telephone consultation.


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