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Ditch the resolutions

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Reach for the moon and if you miss you'll land amongst the stars. But is it that simple to just give yourself big goals?

It's not that I disagree with having large goals or ambitions in fact I'm very much a fan of goal-setting, but if your resolutions sound like this...

one day I'll travel the world,

when the children grow up I'll open that business,

this year I'll lose weight,

then I'm afraid to say that the likelihood is these resolutions will remain on your list every year.

But wait you're a therapist why do you sound so pessimistic? Well honestly I really do want to see people achieve their goals and be successful but when we step outside our comfort zones our brains are hardwired to shout out Stop! What are you thinking about! Who are you to reach for the moon?! When faced with this internal dialogue and fear, those goals seem just too far away for most of us.

So how do we overcome fear and nagging doubt and actually start to make our goals a reality? I've put together my top 5 tips based on my own experience and learning from some of the best mentors out there.

1. Write down your goal

This one sounds easy enough, but the physical act of writing helps commit your goal to memory and reinforce it in your body. Be specific when you write your goal, remember to set yourself a timescale and what you will measure along the way, i.e. how will you know you're on track.

2. Determine your why

In my view this is the most important step, you can do all the others but if you miss this one you will reduce your likelihood of success. You may need to think a while on this, if your goal is large and your 'why' is something like... "because I should," or "because someone else says I would be good at it," then you may need to rethink your goal. Your why is what will keep you going when everything else screams for you to stop.

3. Focus only on the next immediate step

If you're looking to reach the stars there's likely to be a fair few steps along the way. Our amygdala (the fear based part of our brain) takes one look at that massive journey and says no way, you are far safer here, why risk failing or looking a fool. But if you focus on your next immediate step, which might, be buy a map for the journey...then that's not so scary.

4. Review your progress

When you set up your goal, write how often you will review or measure your progress, then do it. Make sure the review period is realistic so you will actually to be able to see some progress, but not too long so that you miss the potential for a positive boost along the way. The review will help you see what's working well and identify if you need to make adjustments to reach your goal.

5. Celebrate your wins along the way

Don't hold back on the celebration and fun until the end of the goal... how dull would that be. Reward yourself along the way, it doesn't matter how big the reward is... simply saying well done to yourself, I'm proud of you is enough. Or as I'm about to do, reward myself with a nice cup of tea for finishing my blog.

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