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Are you looking for a way to stop drinking alcohol?

Hypnotherapy to Stop or Reduce Drinking

Are you looking to take control of your drinking? Maybe you have found yourself drinking more to feel relaxed or perhaps your drinking habit has increased to the point it's now impacting your health, relationships, work or how you feel about yourself in general. As you are reading this you already know you want to change. Getting the right help to support you through that change is important, you don't need to feel alone. 

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I will ensure you are fully aware of the process we will go through, how we will work together and how I will support you to make the changes you are looking for. 

How Can Hypnotherapy Help To Reduce or Stop Drinking?

Hypnotherapy can help with binge drinking, address problem drinking, or help to quit drinking altogether. Hypnotherapy can be effective in breaking habits because it works at the subconscious level of the mind where our habitual behaviours are formed. The goal with hypnosis for alcohol is not just to break a habit or reduce the craving for alcohol, but also to identify the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that led to the problem in the first place. When we work to release the underlying cause, the change becomes much more fundamental and can impact how we cope with other challenges in our life. 

How do I know if I am drinking too much?

Drinking alcohol is generally considered a socially acceptable way to relax, reduce inhibitions and give a temporary feel-good experience. But like other substances that affect our brain, it can become physically and psychologically addictive. Addiction is a scale, if you are on the low end of the scale it's likely you can enjoy a drink occasionally without it leading to a dependency. However, moving up that scale can happen without any real conscious awareness, you just find yourself needing an extra glass of wine to unwind or you need to drink more before you feel the effects of the alcohol. If you recognise any of the following you may be moving up that scale and drinking too much. 

  • When you want to unwind you automatically pour a drink before you think of anything else

  • You hide the amount you drink from others, e.g. friends and family

  • You only feel socially comfortable if you have had a couple or more drinks 

  • You increase the amount you drink to get the desired effect

  • You drink to help sleep or relax on a regular basis

  • You have tried to reduce your drinking to stop but couldn't

  • Your cravings for alcohol have increased

  • You feel guilty or remorseful about your drinking

  • You have noticed physical or mental health issues have increased when drinking e.g. shaking, anxiety, depression

If you need alcohol daily to function or have physical/psychological impacts from drinking it is important that you seek medical advice, please contact your doctor. Please note a hypnotherapist can not diagnose addiction or provide medical support. 

How successful is Hypnotherapy to Change Drinking Habits?

Depending on your level of excess drinking and how quickly you have recognised you need support to reduce drinking or stop drinking completely, will likely influence the success of using hypnotherapy. If you are on the high end of the drinking scale, hypnotherapy should not be your only support but can be incorporated into a more holistic approach with your medical support team. 

The Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy reports hypnotherapy was more successful than motivational interviewing (a widely accepted treatment) with the hypnotherapy group having more participants reporting complete abstinence.

Hypnotherapy Sessions to Reduce Drinking, Binge Drinking  or Stop Drinking 

Hypnotherapy to help you to reduce your cravings for alcohol and address the underlying reasons for your excess drinking can take place either online via Zoom or in-person at specified locations.

Using a combination of hypnoanalysis and deep-state hypnosis, I will work with you to help address your specific patterns of behaviour around alcohol and the emotional triggers supporting those behaviours. 

The number of sessions required to reach the desired outcome will vary by individual, but typically I see clients for this issue for 3-4 sessions.

Want to know if Hypnotherapy could help you reduce or stop drinking?

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy may be able to help you and to see if hypnotherapy is a suitable approach for you. You can book a free, no-obligation telephone consultation.