Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Most people will experience some form of anxiety whether as a response to a stressful situation or future event. However, those with an Anxiety Disorder may find their symptoms debilitating making it extremely difficult to cope with daily life.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • feeling a loss of control

  • fear

  • trembling

  • dizziness

  • irritability

  • restlessness

  • unable to concentrate

  • feeling low

  • irrational thoughts

  • panic attacks

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

The mind is just like water, when agitated: it's difficult to see what lies beneath. When settled; the answers surface

How can Hypnotherapy help overcome Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to overcome anxiety and reprogramme your mind to respond differently when triggers of anxiety occur. Anxiety is a natural response in certain situations, but when you have anxious thoughts, feelings and a physical response at times when that's not helpful, or in the case of generalised anxiety, most of the time, this becomes difficult to manage.

An anxious mind has become more sensitive to external stimuli and tends to generalise potential threats to a much broader range than a so-called normal range. In essence, your mind at a subconscious level has learned that there is always a potential threat and therefore you should always feel anxious. Even though you may know consciously there's nothing to be anxious for, your subconscious mind is running a different programme. 

Experiencing Anxiety 

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When we have anxiety we often don't know why we feel this way. We often sense an underlying feeling or the potential of the feeling of anxiety to arise. Experiencing anxiety can lead to much of our time being spent thinking about how the next anxiety attack might feel or what might happen and if we can avoid it. Unfortunately, this thinking puts us in a heightened state of awareness and may even trigger the next anxiety attack. It can often lead us to avoid situations where we think we may become anxious. 

The whole process of living with anxiety can be exhausting and people often turn to medication to deal with the symptoms. However, medication alone does not help release the subconscious patterns that are causing the anxiety in the first place. This is why hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficially to release those anxious thought patterns and start to take back control of feeling less anxious and generally more on an even keel.

Types of Anxiety Hypnotherapy Can Help With 

  • Panic Attacks /Panic Disorder

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

  • Health Anxiety

  • Performance Anxiety

Client Testimonials

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“You have honestly helped me more than I thought was possible ... I feel at ease and have hope that I will be able to permanently overcome my anxiety and live in harmony with my subconscious. This first step you have helped me take is one that I believe I could not have taken on my own.”


Ready to overcome your Anxiety with Hypnotherapy?

If you recognise some of the symptoms and the experiences above, and you are ready to address your anxiety, then hypnotherapy can help you finally feel some relief. 


Imagine what life will be like for you when you:

  • Take back control over your anxious thoughts and feelings

  • Release the subconscious patterns keeping you stuck in overwhelming feelings

  • Strengthen your internal resilience

  • Learn techniques that you can apply throughout your life  

How your hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions will work.

Firstly we have a telephone consultation so that we can establish that hypnotherapy is the right approach for you. You can decide at that stage if you would like your hypnotherapy sessions in-person or online. During your first session, we will discuss how anxiety is impacting your life, what your symptoms are and how you see your future life without anxiety. We then get started in that very first session getting you use to the hypnosis process and starting to address the underlying issues. All sessions are tailored to what you need at that time, and so that you can start to see the impact of the change in a relatively short space of time. 

How many hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety will I need?

Anxiety can be multilayered with different triggers and underlying causes, therefore to ensure we have covered all aspects I work holistically addressing the emotional, mental and physical aspects. We will work together over 4 sessions, the first being 1.5hrs and the rest being 1 hr sessions. 

Clients will often ask if they can work on other issues, once they see the impact hypnotherapy has on their anxiety. This is possible depending on the issue, however, it is important that we address one thing at a time. Once your anxiety is resolved then of course you can choose to work on other areas. 

If you are ready to get started, here's what to do next. Simply schedule your consultation call below. I will call you directly and we can discuss getting you started on overcoming your anxiety. 

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Online Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can be conducted online so you can access help from your own home. The process of having hypnosis online via Zoom is a simple, safe and easy way to get help for your anxiety. 

Imagine not having to travel or worry about having a panic attack, or feeling anxious on the way to the therapy room. Instead, you can relax at home, and be guided into hypnosis by an experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

Book your free telephone consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy online could help you with your anxiety.