Hypnotherapy for Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can feel overwhelming and scary. It takes over your life, you find yourself dwelling on health-related topics for far too long, and it may even cause you to avoid places that provoke health fears.


If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from health anxiety, know that you're not alone. 

You are not making it up, or over exaggerating, you have a recognised anxiety condition. However, with support, you can overcome your health anxiety, stop worrying about your health and focus on living.

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What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety, also known as health phobia or hypochondria, is defined as a "preoccupation with fears of having, or the idea that one has, a serious illness based upon the person's misinterpretation of bodily symptoms." These health concerns can consume a considerable amount of time and cause severe emotional distress.

Often people with health anxiety find themselves frequently going to see doctors in order to get reassurance or diagnoses for their perceived health problems. Unfortunately, being informed there is nothing physically wrong does not always eliminate the fear. As with all fears our body responds to the thought of a potential threat and so we can be unconvinced that it is not a physical illness. Health anxiety can also place strain on relationships if your health concerns are seen as excessive by friends and family.

What Health Anxiety Feels Like 

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Being or becoming ill consumes the thoughts of people with health anxiety. It's not a passing fear, it stays with them most of their day and can increase depending on what information is around them and what they are experiencing. However, the thoughts alone are not the only concern for those with health anxiety. These anxious thoughts create a physical anxiety response in the body and so many people with health anxiety experience symptoms of panic, racing heart, shaking and feeling dizzy.  

These thoughts and feelings can result in checking their body for signs or symptoms of disease far more often than what might be considered normal. People with health anxiety also often experience a great deal of distress around health care appointments. They may be plagued by inner fears such as "What if the doctor says something is wrong?" or they might have pre-visit nerves leading up to their visit, filled with worries about how the appointment will turn out.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Health Anxiety

How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need for health anxiety?

Hypnotherapy to overcome your health anxiety can take a number of sessions before you see a significant difference in how you feel. For most, I would recommend 4 sessions, the first two are best weekly or two weeks in between and the rest can be spread out over a longer period to assess your progress. Of course, there are occasions when people respond much quicker than this. 

The good news is that health anxiety can be helped and many people overcome their health anxiety with hypnotherapy. Unlike talking therapy, hypnosis has the advantage of being able to directly address subconscious thoughts and beliefs about health concerns and fears.

During a hypnotherapy session, we will discuss how your health anxiety is impacting your life and how you would like to think and feel different. We get to work in the very first session with an approach that can help you feel calm and relaxed as we then progress to allowing your subconscious mind to reprocess those thoughts and fears so that your ongoing anxiety can naturally reduce.  I will teach you easy to use, practical tips to help you manage your health anxiety daily while the process of releasing it is taking place over the course of your sessions. 

Ready to overcome your Health Anxiety with Hypnotherapy?

Improvement in your health anxiety is within reach with the power of hypnotherapy. Imagine what life will be like for you when: You take back control over anxious thoughts and feelings, release subconscious patterns keeping you stuck in overwhelming emotions or stressful situations; build internal resilience by learning effective coping skills to help restore balance whenever anxiety strikes again - without relying on medication alone.

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If you are ready to get started, here's what to do next. Simply schedule your consultation call below. I will call you directly and we can discuss getting you started on overcoming your health anxiety. 

Help For Health Anxiety In Cheshire and Online

Hypnotherapy sessions to help with health anxiety are held in Cheshire Wellness Centre, or easily accessed online via Zoom. You can learn more about online hypnotherapy here.